THE SSS SOCIETY is a group that accepts anyone, male or female. though there are still rules. there are different sections still to come, so that you see them soon!!

    rules for this forum


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    rules for this forum Empty rules for this forum

    Post by Admin on Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:21 pm

    hello SSS SOCIETY members,

    if you have any problems, this is the place to post them on. do not post ideas on this forum or you may be given a warning or suspension.

    -always make sure that you PM me if you noticed i have not seen your post in 2 days since it was created.
    -NEVER bully at all!
    -always discuss bullying through PM not through here.
    -i reserve the right to close any posts that i do not feel belong here or that were solved. (if thats possible on this forum)


    have fun!!

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